Love and respect for dogs is inherent in membership in the Elmira Kennel Club. All members agree to support the goals as set forth in the Code of Ethics.

Elmira Kennel Club - Code of Ethics

Members of the Elmira Kennel Club agree to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect credit to themselves, their breeds(s) and the Elmira Kennel Club. They will exhibit good sportsmanship in relationships with club members, AKC employees, show officials, judges, spectators and fellow exhibitors. They will abide by the Elmira Kennel Club's By-Laws and the American Kennel Club's published Rules and Regulations.

Members will demonstrate, by their conduct, their commitment to the values of fair competition including winning and losing with grace. When taking part in EKC activities and in all aspects of the sport of dog showing, refuse to embarrass the Elmira Kennel Club, the AKC or themselves. They will encourage courteous verbal exchanges and appropriate appearance.

Members will -

  • Provide all of the physical, and emotional needs for the dogs in their care. They will provide appropriate attention and training, proper feeding, proper healthcare and protection from harm.
  • Breed to maintain or improve the quality of their breed according to AKC standards. Dogs u~ed for breeding must be eligible for American Kennel Club registration, or other registries recognized by AKC. Only dogs in good health that have been screened for hereditary or genetic problems within the breed are to be used for breeding.
  • Not misrepresent their dogs or puppies through false or misleading advertisements. They will provide the registration record, pedigree information and health care information at the time of sale. It is recommended that the breeder provide a health guarantee to the buyer. The breeder's responsibility to the new owner and to the puppy being placed in the new home is for the life of the dog.
  • Not sell or donate dogs to pet shops, or any dog wholesalers or retailers; or in any manner aid and abet such activities. They will not donate dogs to auctions, or to be used as prizes.
  • Promote responsible dog ownership by, as individuals, educating others and by supporting the public education and training activities sponsored by the Elmira Kennel Club.

Enforcement of this Code of Ethics will be in accordance with the disciplinary procedures outlined in Article VII of the Elmira Kennel Club By-Laws.